Footnotes and marginalia
Footnotes are notes that are added at the end of a page, usually annotated by a small number. Since the most recent version of this website, footnotes are displayed at the side of the page, in a similar manner to marginalia ('sidenotes'). This article gives a short overview on the possible functionality on this website.
Append-only writing
Writing about an experimental writing process using an experimental writing process.
Mac setup
I recently ran out of hard drive memory space and couldn't be bothered to track down and uninstall all the clutter that accumulated over two years of software development. Hence, I reset my MacBook. I used this occasion to create a step-by-step guide on how exactly I reset my mac. It can also be used as a migration guide from one mac to another or an explanation of how to set up a new mac.
Productive web browsing in Chrome
It was not until my Bluetooth mouse stopped to work that I wanted to be able to use and navigate through Chrome only using my keyboard. After a few weeks, I noticed that it made my daily web browsing experience much more efficient and productive. This is a quick tutorial on how to web browse mouse-less on a Mac.
The idea behind live articles
Today, I had this idea: articles on my website which are not complete yet. There are a few use cases for why I think that there is more to it than just publishing unfinished articles.
Starting this blog
Not another blog! That's what I thought initially. Surely, there are enough blogs around the web, covering every single topic one can think of. You know what? I don't care. This blog isn't even meant to be read by any people. There is a variety of different reasons why I started it.