Starting This Blog

Not another blog! That's what I thought initially. Surely, there are enough blogs around the web, covering every single topic one can think of. You know what? I don't care. This blog isn't even meant to be read by any people. There is a variety of different reasons why I started it.

Broo, why?

Before I started planning this blog out, I asked myself:

"Yo, do you really want to invest hours of your life starting this blog? Why don't you just watch Netflix?"

Since I'm quite pragmatic in making such decisions, I divided my reasons into two categories: Purpose and Goals.


  • Learning by writing
  • Improve my English skills
  • Enforce a productive structure onto my chaotic student life
  • Have some place to display my projects and to write about them
  • Watch less Netflix (that's a hard one, let's be honest)


  • Create a library of knowledge such that I can come back here, should I forget something (screw that forgetting-curve)
  • Inspire people to study computer science (it's great)
  • Motivate myself to study more CS topics in depth ("learning in public"-concept)

What Can You Expect?

  • Articles in tutorial form
  • To be published in a biweekly to monthly manner

Topics I'll Be Writing About

  • Student life
  • Computer Science
  • Everything my degree covers
  • Everything that interests me
  • Swift development since that's what I'm going for atm
  • Artificial Intelligence


  • Basically every CS student having a blog (they made me want to have one too)
  • Tania Rascia's blog (thank you for making your gatsby theme open-source)


Well, that's it for now. I'm excited, how all of this will turn out eventually. Writing all of this while having lots of time (due to COVID-19) will be totally different to maintaining this blog once the next semester has started. I guess, I'll just have to watch some of Ali's videos to keep myself motivated and to stay productive!

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