These days, I spend most of my time studying AI & Computer Science in Edinburgh. I also play lots of music, like reading, and hike up Arthur's seat from time to time.


I play the piano and the violin, the latter in two orchestras:

These are the songs or pieces I've been listening to the most recently: On Repeat (Spotify)

Spoon List

Non-exhausitve. I like to call my bucket list 'spoon list' since in German, we have this weird idiom 'den Löffel abgeben' which translates to 'to give away the spoon'. We say that when someone dies. So my spoon list contains all the things I want to get done before I give away my spoon.

  • Walk along the 'Before Sunset' route in Vienna
  • Witness an Indian marriage
  • Go to a Mahler's 5th concert
  • Own a Steinway
  • Have a date in a drive-in theatre
  • See whales in real life (and maybe go diving with them)
  • Get a cat

Oh, I also like hammocks.